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Our Mission

The Collegiate Commons was founded in the Fall of 2023 on the campus of Indiana University-Indianapolis. It is a student publication and 501(c)(3) nonprofit covering Indiana news and politics, with an emphasis on universities in central Indiana, where the need for independent voices is greatest.

Because of its commitment to independence, it does not take university funding, giving it the freedom to report honestly about the issues and events that matter most to students.

None of the founding writers of The Collegiate Commons were looking to go into journalism as a career. They wrote, and they continue to write, because they care about their campuses and their communities.

In that same spirit, they hope to expose corruption and inefficiency wherever it may be found, while pointing out the increasing politicization of the classroom.

Historically, Indiana University-Indianapolis was always intended to be a community-oriented campus. As such, The Collegiate Commons intends to hold Indiana University-Indianapolis, Purdue University-Indianapolis, and the surrounding campuses accountable to that mission.

Our Editorial Perspective

While we are a non-partisan and non-sectarian outlet, we embrace a particular view of the common good rooted in Christian social teaching.

We emphasize the importance of human dignity at all stages of life. We value families, labor, and local communities. We know how crucial religious faith and freedom is for the health of a community.

The Collegiate Commons, however, is independent and does not endorse political candidates or parties, nor does it participate in lobbying.