Indianapolis abortion center for sale, follows years of malpractice complaints

Indianapolis Women’s Medical abortion facility is for sale. The facility, which has a history of malpractice complaints, stopped performing abortions in August 2023 due to Indiana’s partial abortion ban going into effect, but they remained open, referring women to their other location in Dayton, Ohio. The facility had malpractice lawsuits in 2003 and 2015, and was cited numerous times during inspections from the Indiana Department of Health for failure to comply with State abortion regulations.  

According to the Indiana Department of Health, Women’s Med was the State’s top abortion provider in 2022, the last full year abortion was widely legal in Indiana, performing 2,989 abortions.

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The building is currently listed for $495,000 by Bradley Company. 

As of now, patients cannot schedule appointments at the Indianapolis location. The Women’s Med website directs Indiana patients to contact the Dayton location for services. 

The abortion business began as “Indianapolis Women’s Center” performing abortions up to 12 weeks in the 1970s. In the 80s, the location rebranded to “Women’s Med” and was purchased by it’s current medical director, Dr. Martin Haskell. Haskell, a prolific abortionist, is credited with popularizing the controversial “partial birth abortion” procedure. 

The clinic was the subject of several rescue attempts from anti-abortion activists, and for several years, an unidentified perpetrator vandalized the facility annually on Halloween by breaking windows. 

More recently, the Indiana anti-abortion watchdog organization, Voices for Life, which I am the Executive Director and co-founder of, began monitoring the facility. They submitted complaints to Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita about 314 cases of apparent illegal activity based on data obtained from terminated pregnancy reports. Illegal activity included violations of patient informed consent and the performance of an illegal medication abortion. 

Clinic director Dr. William Haskell allegedly performed an illegal medication abortion on a 11 week fetus at Women’s Med in 2023. Indiana law restricts medication abortion to 10 weeks. Haskell’s case is still pending.

Reaction to abortion laws

Women’s Med is the third Indiana abortion facility to permanently shut its doors in the wake of the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision. Whole Woman’s Health in South Bend shut down in June 2023, and Clinic for Women in Indianapolis stopped offering services late 2023.

Women’s Med was originally listed as a plaintiff in the ACLU and Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against the State arguing that SEA 1’s health exception should be broadened. While the lawsuit is set for trial in May 2024, Women’s Med’s claim has been dismissed. 

Melanie Lyon is the executive director and co-founder of Voices for Life. She lives in South Bend Indiana with her husband and five cats. She is also a community advisor for The Collegiate Commons.

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