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The Collegiate Commons is only one small newspaper. More than likely, you are interested in more parts of the state of Indiana and the nation that we do not have the resources to cover. That is why we decided to compile the RSS feeds of several Indiana-based (as well as a few national) publications. Since most of those listed below are also smaller student publications, the Indiana Daily Student and The Exponent are also good resources, as they are the two largest student publications in the state. For historical matters, feel free to peruse the Indianapolis Student Archives and the IU Onomatopoeia Archives.

We are not affiliated with any of the following except for The American Commons. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on student publications to add from other universities.


The American Commons (Midwest)

  • Former President Donald Trump has again made it obvious that he is not pro-life. Not only that, but he will do everything in his power to convince the GOP that their electoral success depends on rejecting the pro-life cause. The evidence is clear: if the pro-life movement does not reject the lesser-of-two-evils mentality that has… […]
  • Not too long ago I stumbled across an old book full of wisdom and answers to my biggest economic questions: Why does a growing economy come with increasing levels of poverty? Why can nobody fully own a home? Why do downtowns look like crap? Why are the paychecks shrinking but the country is more productive… […]
  • By building infrastructure to support families, we remove the crushing burdens of unplanned pregnancy – thus making abortion unnecessary and unthinkable. The post [Pastor Chris Butler] It’s Time for a New Way Forward on Abortion first appeared on The American Commons.
  • In 1946, at the point of Soviet NKVD guns, 216 priests of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church annulled the Union of Brest-Livotsk which had brought them into communion with Rome; according to the Soviet authorities, this action ended the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church as an entity within the Soviet Union. Following this event, later known as the… […]
  • “If you can’t feed one hundred people, then just feed one.” – Mother Teresa “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God.” – Matthew 5:9. There are so many worthy causes in this world-worthy of our time, talent and treasure. But with the internet and social media, we are so aware… […]
  • There is an abiding presence in Christian thought of the power of baptism. For one, most believe it “indelibly” marks the person baptized. St. Augustine, for example, defends this understanding in his Against the Letter of Parmenian, arguing against re-baptism. A more contemporary reflection on this thought underlies the drama of Graham Greene’s novel, The… […]

The American Postliberal (East Coast)

Central Indiana:

The Collegiate Commons (IUPUI)

  • Faculty at Indiana University are set to hold a meeting to consider a no-confidence vote for President Pamela Whitten and other administrators on April 16. One of the many reasons stated is the Whitten Administration’s … … The post OPINION: The conservative case for Indianapolis students to unionize appeared first on The Collegiate Commons.
  • Indianapolis Women’s Medical abortion facility is for sale. The facility, which has a history of malpractice complaints, stopped performing abortions in August 2023 due to Indiana’s partial abortion ban going into effect, but they remained … … The post Indianapolis abortion center for sale, follows years of malpractice complaints appeared first on The Collegiate Commons.
  • IN THE NEWS – IUPUI recently canceled its ‘Introduction to Bondage’ workshop after The Collegiate Commons wrote about the event, resulting in backlash online and coverage by Libs of TikTok, the New York Post, Brietbart, … … The post EDITORIAL: IU-Indianapolis blacklisted us after we covered their ‘bondage’ event appeared first on The Collegiate Commons.
  • “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” At least that is what students who follow an Indiana Barstool account must have thought this afternoon. The latest post on the Barstool … … The post Indiana Barstool accounts recycle deactivation April Fool’s joke appeared first on The Collegiate Commons.
  • On Monday, two pro-life student organizations at IUPUI, Life Defenders and Law Students for Life, hosted an event they called “Cemetery of Innocents” in Taylor Courtyard. The display was set up to cover the entire … … The post Gaza protestors attempt to hijack pro-life display appeared first on The Collegiate Commons.
  • Students at IUPUI came back from Spring Break to find a new addition to the middle of campus. An Indiana University banner now takes up a majority of the glass space on one side of … … The post Purdue students react to new IU trident on Indianapolis Campus appeared first on The Collegiate Commons.

The Butler Collegian (Butler University)

  • “I felt dumb and naive because I had no future plans on how I would be able to afford anything at all. In my head, I had already decided that if I did not pursue some type of business degree, I would be without purpose.”
  • “In 2017, Hill spoke about the power of Black student voices during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement. Hill returned on April 3, 2024 to address the power of Palestinian and Muslim student voices as they shed light on human rights violations and widespread destruction in Gaza.”
  • Central Indiana witnessed a total solar eclipse April 8.
  • “In 2017, Hill spoke about the power of Black student voices during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement. Hill returned on April 3, 2024 to address the power of Palestinian and Muslim student voices as they shed light on human rights violations and widespread destruction in Gaza.”
  • “‘Obviously for this profession, it’s a labor of love. It’s a passion project; getting to work with students about things that matter to them.’”
  • Hear from Butler internship holders with the Compass Center, the Ancient Mediterranean Cultures and Archaeology Lab and Crowe’s Kodiak Solutions.

The Reflector (University of Indianapolis)

Pheonix (Marian University)

  • Daniel Anthony Felicetti, age 81, of Annapolis, Maryland passed away on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. Dr. Felicetti served as the sixth president of Marian College from 1989-1999. Felicetti was born on April 25, 1942, in New York City to Ernest and Rose Felicetti. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Hunter College in…
  • On March 21, from noon to 1 p.m, Love on a Leash brought a golden retriever, Newfoundland, Chocolate Lab, and two cocker spaniels, to the Evans Center Atrium for Therapy Dog Thursday.  Therapy Dog Thursday is a weekly hour in which Marian University allows for the company, Love on a Leash, to bring therapy dogs…
  • With over 2 billion active users globally, TikTok has emerged as a cultural phenomenon, offering a platform for creativity, entertainment, and self-expression. It is known for its short-form videos and has become an integral part of the lives of millions of Americans. As discussions surrounding the proposed “TikTok Ban” bill intensify, it is essential to…
  • A new student-made sticker company, Marian Sticker Co., is now open for business. Their designs feature ‘famous’ people and landmarks around campus, serving students and beyond.  Marian Sticker Co. was founded through a known event and class on campus; The BUS-109 class and competition. After winning multiple rounds of presentations to professors and Indianapolis investors,…
  • On February 14th, 2024, the office ministry of Marian University held an all-campus mass for Ash Wednesday. Classes and offices were all closed during this time. This mass was held in Bishop Chartrand Memorial Chapel, located in Marian Hall.  MU observes all Catholic Traditions, including the Ash Wednesday. The mass had two priests officiate; Fr….
  • For most of the year, celebrating math is unheard of. However, once a year, a very special day rolls around when the math lovers of the world get to unashamedly express themselves. March 14, better known as Pi day, is annually celebrated in schools for being the one day a year that spells out the…

The Andersonian (Anderson University)

  • It started as a chilly spring afternoon, an air of excitement and small groups of people scattered upon the grass wrapped in sweaters and blankets, expectant. Saturday night Anderson University hosted Somnium, the student-led music festival. A student at the event said they were most excited to hear original music from the artists on campus […]
  • Check out this exclusive interview with Prof. Cara Miller on her open-access textbook as well as updates for Spring Into Dance and the Student Government Association. This week in AU sports, the men’s basketball team became back-to-back HCAC Tournament Champions for the first time in school history. The women’s basketball team and women’s and men’s […]
  • From February to March, the Wilson Gallery, located on the second floor of Krannart Fine Arts Center, becomes a canvas for the artistic expressions of Anderson University’s current faculty and esteemed alumni. The theme of the exhibit, “Surroundings,” is brought to life by three artists–Holly Sims, Jeffrey Jackson and Kameron Robinson. Their art, as diverse […]
  • Last Tuesday, on February 20, students were informed that the next day of classes, Wednesday the 21, had a surprise cancellation for the AU tradition of “Wonderful Wednesday.”  This year, a variety of events were scheduled throughout the day for students to come and go. Wednesday kicked off with “Grown Ups” played at midnight. Then, […]
  • The Anderson University men’s basketball team has earned the title of back-to-back HCAC tournament champions. With a decisive win against Hanover College, the Ravens have made history. The atmosphere among the crowd was both tense and radiating with anticipation,  the mood being set by the ever reactive and rambunctious student section. However, the crowd wasn’t […]

East-Central Indiana:

The Indiana Statesman (Indiana State University)

  • Most people who have been on campus will have seen the ‘greener blue’ initiatives and information that are posted all over the place talking about the different things that ISU does to promote sustainability. Honestly, this is one of the…
  • The best week in golf has finally arrived, and the 88th Masters tournament has begun. The historic Augusta National acts as the battleground where the best golfers in the world meet to try and take home the green jacket. There…
  • After having the second 30-win season in school history, Indiana State has lost many players and staff members, which is leading to questions on what could be in store next season.
  • With the release of the original “Joker” film in 2019, we finally got a glimpse at what to expect in the upcoming sequel in October of this year. Long before this trailer was released, there were already talks and rumors…
  • On Tuesday night, the Indiana State baseball team had a late inning surge to defeat Purdue 9-3 in West Lafayette at Alexander Field. The Sycamores offense came alive in the bottom of the eighth, when the game was tied 2-2.…
  • The UFL kicked off its inaugural season last weekend, and the early games did not disappoint. Walk off field goals, trick plays, and upsets showed that football is back. This new league, combining the formerly known XFL and USFL, is…

Southern Indiana:

The Horizon (Indiana University Southeast)

  • IUS Enrollment up
  • The IUS community had just celebrated their graduating seniors at Commencement when Interim Chancellor Dr. Kelly Ryan broke news of her own about her forthcoming departure. Ryan has been hired as president of Eastern Oregon University (EOU), which is that state’s official “rural university.” Her new journey begins July 1. “I’ll miss you terribly,” she…
  • A nice, long stretch feels good, doesn’t it? The same goes for a belly rub from someone who truly cares, right? The opportunity to voice opinions isn’t any different. Not every country enjoys the sort of press freedoms that ours does. Not every U.S. university’s student body enjoys the wide expanse of free expression that…
  • As daily temperatures in Southern Indiana continue to climb, members of the IUS chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) can rest in the shade knowing that golf helped grow children’s medical research funds this year.  The fraternity’s annual golf scramble on April 15 raised $3,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. TKE members, alumni, and…
  • Tremayne Daisey has had quite a journey finding his passion. After a few ups and downs, Daisey found his way to the Journalism department at Indiana University Southeast. It all started in fifth grade when he took his first art class—and realized he liked art. Daisey continued taking art classes but had his first school…
  • With the NBA playoffs well underway, the Indiana Pacers again find themselves watching from the sidelines. For the past three seasons, the Pacers have finished in the bottom three of the Eastern Conference. They have lots of young players with high potential, along with elite shooters like Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield. But with so…

Northern Indiana:

The Preface (Indiana University South Bend)

  • What is a swan song? A swan song is a metaphor used to describe a final gesture before one's own death. It is both a gesture for yourself and for those who are a part of your life.
  • Hi! My name is Rafael Tortolero, and I am the new multimedia specialist for “The Preface”. I am a freshman here at IU South Bend, majoring in business management and minoring in photojournalism.
  • State of the Campus: Does IUSB need some TLC?
  • Nominations open for the Student Life Awards
  • Men’s Basketball March 1 TBA (IF APPLICABLE) Women’s Basketball March 2 TBA (IF APPLICABLE) Baseball March 2 @ Wright State Lake University (DH) 12:00 P.M. Baseball March 3 @ Wright State Lake University (DH) 12:00 P.M. Softball March 3 @ IU – Southeast (DH) 1:00 P.M. Men’s Basketball March 4 TBA (IF APPLICABLE) Softball March […]
  • Maddie Gard, Titan trump card: IU South Bend gains new all-time highest scorer