The Collegiate Commons unmasks teacher secretly harassing pro-life students online

The Collegiate Commons discovered through publicly available information the owner of an instagram account that appears to frequently harass pro-life students, teens, and minors is Colleen Luckett, a forty nine-year-old self-employed English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor in Denver, Colorado. She is also a content writer and editor for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

“We cannot ignore blatant predatory behavior,” said Avie Sark, president of Democrats for Life of Indiana and a 16-year-old high school student in central Indiana. 

Luckett made a post comparing a minor to a sex doll

Sark notified The Collegiate Commons about Luckett’s account after Luckett posted a screenshot of Sark’s face next to a blow-up sex doll and referred to her as “blow-up Sue.” 

After investigating Luckett’s account, we saw that when another pro-life account made a reel defending her, she appeared to say his motivations were sexual. 


Luckett made a post making a sexual remark about an adult and a minor

“I kept telling him she’s not going to f*ck him,” Luckett said, “but he just couldn’t put that misogynist white knighting cos playing to rest.”

Luckett appeared to dismiss the account when he told her Sark was a minor, and called her behavior inappropriate. 

“Still have no idea how old this twat… is, and I don’t give a shite,” Luckett said. “Play adult games (like removing human rights), be prepared for adult consequences,” referring to her elsewhere as a “c*nt.”

The Collegiate Commons also discovered that Luckett has appeared to make several sexually-themed remarks about other students in the past. 

Felipe Avila

Luckett made a post making a sexual remark about a college student

Felipe Avila is a nursing student at  Catholic University in Washington D.C. and president of teen pro-lifers.

“Her profanity-laced posts have often featured commentary on the physical appearances of pro-life leaders, even shaming them for their weight,” said Avila. “Colleen’s aim is clear: harass, bully, and intimidate the opposition into silence, no matter the cost.” 

On a post made about Avila earlier this year, Luckett said “Kid really thinks his 20 seconds of pumping deserves full-term birth.”

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Luckett made a post implying a minor is a pedophile

Jack Martin

Luckett has also made posts about Jack Martin, a pro-life high school student from the Fort Wayne area. She put his face in a post next to Reuben Verastigui, an adult convicted of child pornography and referred to Martin as a “groomer.”

“Another woman-hating male grinning like a loon,” she said. “Wonder if he’s a friend of Reuben Verastigui?”

Luckett has also previously appeared to call for harassment of other students.

Daniel Schmidt

Luckett made a post appearing to call for a college student to be harassed

“It would be a real shame if this kid got a whole bunch of online harassment that made him fear walking outside his door, wouldn’t it?,” she said, referring to Daniel Schmidt, a student at the University of Chicago. Luckett later reposted this, shortly before her account was taken down.

Questionable Memes

The Collegiate Commons also noticed Luckett posts memes targeting religious people more generally, some which seem to advocate for political violence. 

Luckett posted a meme that called for pastors to kill themselves

For example, one meme Luckett has posted said that one thing “pastors can do instead of fucking kids” includes “base jumping with no parachute you worthless piece of shits,” and another saying “Jesus regrets dying for you.”

Another meme said “unless someone like you brings out the chippity chop, nothing is going to get better, it’s not,” with a picture of the Lorax next to a guillotine. 

Our Investigation

The Collegiate Commons discovered Luckett’s identity by searching through her followers on Medium, one of whom we discovered through Facebook is her mother, a fellow pro-abortion activist, and the owner of the company Koffee Kompanions

Luckett revealed her identity on her personal Facebook

Luckett left a comment on one of her mother’s posts saying “Shared on my @abortionfluencer account, and pointed them toward my linktree site,” and included an image of the same linktree associated with the account @theabortionfluencer

Luckett’s bio states she is a “Caller-out of the Forced Birth Lobby. Refuser of irrelevant dEbAtEs. Defender of facts & #reprojustice.”

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Luckett posted a meme appearing to call for political violence

The Collegiate Commons reached out to Luckett for comment on LinkedIn and asked if her goal was to scare these students, but she denied being associated with the account.

“I’m definitely an abortion rights activist, but I’m not sure what you’re referring to,” she said. “Good luck with whatever you’re trying to accomplish.”

The Collegiate Commons also reached out to the Medical Group Management Association for confirmation that she was still employed by the advocacy organization.

“MGMA does not comment on matters concerning employees,” said Brad Krebs, media contact for MGMA.

As of publication, she no longer has an employee profile on their website.

UPDATE: After publication, she publicly revealed her face on her profile, using the image from this article. She later revealed her name on her account, and reposted some of the images here claiming she stood by them and her previous statements, although she appears to have deleted the posts mentioning Sark.

5 thoughts on “The Collegiate Commons unmasks teacher secretly harassing pro-life students online

  1. Excellent investigative journalism. Grown adults should not be using social media to this extent, much less with the profanity and hatred that this poor woman exhibits. Lord, have mercy on her.

  2. It’s pathetic and sad for someone to spend as much time as she did online harassing students. Amazing job investigating this and exposing the woman behind the account. Let’s hope she ends here.

  3. Ah, this narcissist. I ran across her some years back, the kind of unbalanced person who plays the victim when she is the aggressor as shown by this nasty little episode of online stalking and harassment.
    She has real issues that require something as witnessed by her rabid justifications for obsessively trying to prevent others` opinions – she certainly doesn`t need therapy as she has done that before, for years as she said in one of her blog posts on Redhead In Japan, a typically self-indulgent narcissist-fest that is no longer available online.
    Perhaps Ms Luckett is scared people are going to do what she does and obsessively haunt her online. It is clear that her issues cannot be fixed by therapy and anyway, I would guess that peple who successfully alter their behavior through therapy actually want to change. This stalker clearly doesn`t.
    Oh yeah, she doesn`t want to debate anybody who has a different opiniion. This isn`t even about pro-life/pro-abortion opinions – this person just cannot handle people having a different opinion. Apparently she is a Democrat but clearly there are a number of regimes in the world that fear any alternative opinion on anything that she would be suited to living under.
    Best to not give Ms Luckett the oxygen of publicity. This is what she really fears, not having attention along with haivng a genuine debate with those who have different opinions. Let this troll talk to herself.

  4. I agree with “Wisdom”. She needs the attention. Her fans give her that validation she desperately demands on various media platforms.
    She, nor her fans have stopped stalking or harassing people on social media.
    Colleen is still employed at the same company.
    With all of the different accounts she hides under, I’m not sure how she remains employed.
    This woman is the sad example of what hurt and hate can do to a person.

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