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We at The Collegiate Commons know it can be difficult to know what is going on in the community and on campus. That is why we need people like you to join our team to keep college students, Indianapolis, and Central Indiana residents informed.

We cover things other student newspapers won’t, including the sometimes messy topics of politics and religion. Our news perspective is balanced, but our focus is based around our mission statement. Contributors are placed where their writing can best align with our mission.

Currently, our primary communication route is through email and through GroupMe.

While this is currently an all-volunteer position, it is a great opportunity to develop a byline for anyone who is interested in writing professionally and a great way to develop your skills or just have fun if writing is a hobby.

Contributors are considered freelancers, so there is no obligation to publish a set number of times each semester. If you are not able to contribute regularly, however, consider writing a single article and submitting it here. We make no promise to provide feedback on articles submitted to the site.

We also ask that you include a short bio and a headshot in the submitted file.