Zionsville school employee confesses rape in leaked video

(WARNING: READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED) Jacob Massie, a bus driver at Zionsville Community Schools and bartender at the Old National Centre, appeared to confess to rape in a video that was leaked earlier this year on Fetlife, a controversial fetish social media site

Massie’s confession video

In the video, Massie described his “consent violation,” a sexual encounter with an intoxicated member of Indiana Kink, a BDSM sex club in Indianapolis. The individual passed out in the middle of the encounter, but he claims to have continued having sex with them. He admitted to telling the victim not to tell anyone because he had cheated on another Indiana Kink leader named Willow. Nevertheless, the victim reported him for rape to Indiana Kink leadership.

The video confession appears to have originally been intended as part of the leadership’s “restorative justice” policy. The club does their own investigations and doles out their own punishments rather than involving police when members are raped or abused by other members. Reportedly, it is an unspoken rule that members who involve police will be ostracized. 

In Massie’s case, Indiana Kink leadership released a statement saying he was removed from his position of leadership and banned from club events. Reportedly, though, he was not banned from the premises of the club itself and continued doing maintenance work there. Vix, or Victoria Zetterburg, is an activist and dancer and the only current member of the board besides Fleckenstein that was able to be identified thus far.

Studio 10

Massie at Camp Kink | Credit: Fetlife

Massie’s currently active and public X account’s profile picture is of him standing in Studio 10, and his banner depicts a cross being built in the studio. The rest of his account, which also has a link to his OnlyFans, is mostly videos of him masturbating. 

To the public, Studio 10 is known as a warehouse and private art gallery on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. The Indy Pagan Community has hosted several public events there. To those on Fetlife, however, the venue is known as a place for BDSM sex parties, and the home of Indiana (or IN) Kink.

As one example of the events hosted by the group outside the venue, Indiana Kink has a yearly event called Camp Kink, that focuses on rape play, or consensual roleplaying of non-consensual sex. 

Fleckenstein at a club event | Credit: Fetlife

Greg Fleckenstein, the Vice President of Sales at Access Healthcare Services, is the registered owner of Indiana Kink, which was incorporated under the name IK Events, LLC. He is also known as West10 on FetLife. Fleckenstein also reportedly runs Studio 10. 

The Indy Pagan Community, or the “Grove of Sacred Oaks,” is also known as an “eclectic pagan group for kinky pagan people” to those who have visited the dark web. Fleckenstein is in a relationship with the woman who started the group, who goes by vvitchysub on Fetlife.

IK Events, LLC. was dissolved in early January, and it is unclear under what name the BDSM club at Studio 10 is now doing business. Fleckenstein does, however, own an active business called GFLECK Enterprises

Considering that patrons are reported to regularly have sex on-premises, it is likely that such a club should be subject to stringent legal and health regulations, as well as municipal zoning and fire code regulations. Some former patrons say there is lax enforcement, if any at all. 


Studio 10 isn’t the only BDSM sex club in Indianapolis. 

Subspace opened its doors in 2017 and appears to be more public about their activities than Studio 10. 

Sullivan with a club member | Credit: Fetlife

The club hosts multiple events per week, some of which go later than Indianapolis municipal ordinances allow for sexually-oriented businesses (10 p.m.). It is also closer to a church than Indianapolis ordinance permits (500 feet). 

Patrick Sullivan, also known as iLoveLamp on Fetlife, is the registered owner of Subspace Indy, also known as Eastside Estate Promotions, LLC. The club’s entrance is located behind the building at 2043 E. 46th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205 to keep out the casual wanderer. 

Much like Studio 10, Subspace members reportedly regularly have sex on-premises, and are expected to handle any rape or abuse through an internal board.

Similarly, the owner of the club is said to have the authority to overturn board decisions as the board itself has no legal authority, and some patrons say there is lax regulatory enforcement, if any at all, when it comes to fire code and health and safety regulations.

Another “consent violation” by an individual known as chrisandstuff on Fetlife occurred around a month after the incident with Massie. He also confessed to the incident, and it was handled internally by the board of Subspace, with the punishment being a two-year suspension from Indianapolis Kink Society club events. The board referred to the “consent violation” as “easily avoidable.”

Bringing the dark web to light

Earlier this year, IUPUI tried to bring “local expert” Desiree Bolt, who was part of another local BDSM group called IndyTies, to teach an introductory to bondage workshop to students. It was later canceled due to backlash, resulting in an increase in public awareness of efforts to normalize BDSM in Indianapolis. The Collegiate Commons’ article on the subject was notable in that it reportedly was one of the first times data from Fetlife had been used by the press. Massie’s confession is the second such example, and it remains to be seen how the community will respond. 

NOTE: Several anonymous tips were utilized in the writing of this article. In most cases, places where tips were used as sources are marked as “reportedly.” Most images in this article were also sourced from anonymous tips.

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8 thoughts on “Zionsville school employee confesses rape in leaked video

  1. I’m sick over this… especially the lax of law enforcement and the efforts to teach these harmful deviant acts in a school environment.

    Please post the next steps to get involved with the public exposure of these disgusting acts and the legal enforcement of existing laws to protect our communities.

  2. I don’t understand what all these other people or businesses have to do with the rapist employee. You’re doxing people who have done nothing wrong other than be involved in the BDSM lifestyle as… consenting adults with other consenting adults. Like wait until you enter the real world and discover half the STEM workforce is into kink lmao

    1. exactly. This is a totally classless and ignorant move on the part of CollegiateCommons. Nothing short of fearmongering yellow journalism. Some of the people they call out and identify by name and professional status are individuals in the community who helped *remove* the rapist and protect our community.

      1. The concern is that these BDSM clubs are not regulated. Even strip clubs have regulations that they have to follow but these BDSM clubs have no laws governing them, besides the ones they make up.

        And why are they so secretive if they’re not doing anything wrong besides engaging in BDSM. There’s definitely something fishy going on with these clubs.

        Any other reputable facility were a member of such high standing did something so heinous would it be dealt with with law enforcement and be publicly known, so the concern is that this Jacob is just one of hundreds that these clubs are hiding from the public.

  3. I am really concerned about this Camp Kink that is talked about in the article. It sounds like it’s a training camp for rapists. I think something needs to be done to shut that down so it doesn’t continue.

    1. It’s a private event where everyone who participates signs a waiver. The kidnaping games being referred to are not anywhere near what the article makes it seem. It’s literally friends playing capture the flag but the flag is a person.

      1. That absolutely sounds horrifying and does not put my mind at ease at all. Private or otherwise things like that should not be going on or advertised.

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